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How to get a snapshot of your business financial performance quickly.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

An instant assessment of your business's cash flow according to the Profit First method involves analysing your profit and loss statement, balance sheet to identify areas of strength and weakness in your cash flow. Here are the steps to do an instant assessment:

  • Review your profit and loss statement (P&L): Look at your revenue, expenses, and net profit to determine if your business is generating cash flow.
  • Analyse your balance sheet: Look at your accounts receivable and accounts payable to see if your business has enough cash on hand to pay its bills.
  • Check your cash flow statement: This will show the cash that is flowing in and out of the business and will provide a more comprehensive picture of the business's financial health.
  • ​Identify areas of strength and weakness: Look for any patterns or trends in the data that may be impacting your cash flow, such as an increase in expenses or a decrease in revenue.
  • ​Calculate your profit distributions: In Profit First method, it's important to set aside a certain percentage of your revenue for profit distributions. Calculate the percentage and see if it's enough to maintain the business's liquidity.
  • ​Make a plan to improve the weak points: Based on the findings from the assessment, make a plan to address any areas of weakness in your cash flow.
  • ​Implement your plan and monitor progress: Put your plan into action, and closely monitor the progress over time to see if it's improving the cash flow.

It's worth noting that this is an instantaneous assessment and if you want a more accurate insight you should analyze the data over a longer period, comparing data from different months or even years.

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